Stock trading and its legends: Jesse Livermore, Larry Williams and others

William Delbert Gann

Уильям Делберт Ганн

W. D. Gann is one of the most enigmatic and legendary traders in the world. He was born on June 6 of 1878 and died on June 18, 1955. His personality was surrounded by rumors including the opinion that he was a mason and a very rich person and an absolutely opposite opinion that the last years of his life he lived upon the income obtained from tutoring his apprentices and died in poverty; there are no reliable facts proving one or another opinion. At the same time, there are irrefutable facts proving his public transactions brought him good returns on stock trading in the lifetime of Mr. Gann. This outstanding trader elaborated several instruments of technical analysis well-known to everyone as Gann angles, square 4, circle 360. His theory relies upon geometry and astrology. Gann was able to predict price and date of reversal within the one 1 day accuracy.


Ralph Nelson Elliott

Ральф Нельсон Эллиотт

Ralph Nelson Elliott is a famous American financier, the author of Elliot waves theory. He was born on July 28 of 1871 year and died in January of 1948. From 1929 year, at the age of 58 he withdrew from business because of illness and, in order to find an occupation within the breaks of attacks of illness, he devotes himself to studying stock trading. By May 1934 results of Mr. Elliot's observations had started to form an overall picture and on August 31 of 1938 year his first book “ The Wave Principle” was published.


George Soros

Джордж Сорос

An American financier and investor Mr. George Soros was born on August, 12, 1930 in Budapest. He gained his popularity after a “black Wednesday” 0f 16th September, 1992. It is assumed that his one-day profit amounted to more than one billion US dollars and he was called “a man, who broke the Bank of England.” Activity of George Soros had an impact on the modern online stock trading.




Larry Williams

Ларри Вильямс

Larry Williams was born in 1944 year. In 1987 Mr. Larry Williams set up a record by turning 10 000$ into 1.1$ mln for the year. He is the sole CFD trader in the world, who repeatedly demonstrated his trading system by using 1 $ mln of his deposit on seminars held around the world. Larry Williams' contribution to trading is the improvement of technical analysis methods and creating of several indicators widely applied in modern practice of online stock trading.



Bill Williams

Билл Вильямс

This legendary multimillionaire was born in 1928. Mr. Bill Williams is an author of best selling books devoted to stock trading in the USA and is a founder of educational Profitunity Trading Group for traders. Bill Williams set a new analytical direction for trend movement of markets that is based on Chaos theory and fractal geometry.




Jesse Lauriston Livermore

Джесси Лауристон Ливермор

He was born in 1877 and died in 1940. Mr. Livermore's fame is explained by the fact that several times he managed to earn and lose multimillion wealth on stock trading. His best known profits are $3 mln and $100 mln earned during stock collapses of 1907 and 1929 yeas and further lost by him.

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