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Non-farm Payrolls indicator shows the number of work positions emerged in a month in the USA without account of farm positions. (Farming has too heavy season fluctuations, therefore, it was removed from structure of the present indicator to make the result smoother and more indicating).

Non-farm Payrolls represent wages statement for hired men of the USA. This information is significant for Forex market and is submitted to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics which then published it in the monthly employment situation summary in the USA. This report is issued on the first Friday of each month, at 08:30 EST (New York).

The data is collected by state agencies from more than 400 000 non-farm enterprises. It is almost 40% of all existing work positions in the country. This statistics includes new work places created in such branches as construction, transport, real estate, finance, mining industry, trade, services etc.

Polling involves all enterprises with the number of work positions more than 250 people, as well as selectively embraces companies with lesser number of positions. The same data collected for Nonfarm Payrolls serves for accounting and fiscal reporting.

The influence of Nonfarm Payrolls on the market is rather significant, its growth leads to growth of dollar. Also there is an empiric rule telling that increase in working positions for 300 000 will then bring 3% increase in GDP.

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