Radius Vector PTV

In this article we will introduce you to one of the Forex techniques.

While considering price and time together, we can see that those two elements are closely intertwined. Calculation of PTV (Price-Time Radius Vector) on traditional price-time chart is the application of the Pythagorean proposition studied in senior school on classes of geometry. It states that squares on the legs of a right triangle add up to the square on the hypotenuse. In our case, legs are price and time, hypotenuse is PTV(Price-Time Radius Vector).

Radius Vector PTV

An example of measurement of this  Forex technique  is on the chart below. We have start point A, know length of cut AB equal to 196 points for 35 hours. PTV is represented by BC cutting equal to 199. Structure – ABCD or ABCDEF.

Radius Vector PTV (2)

All PTV values are approximately equal for AF cuttings. There are deviations in length, when PTV is overlapped or shifts, it complicates analysis. But more experience will allow you defining start PTV point even if it is located in the field of previous radius-vector. More details you can find in the works by Bradley Cowan. Beginning or end of one PTV should not necessarily match beginning or the end of another PTV. In other words, vectors can overlap or deviate each from other.

To make PTV equation visible on price-time chart, it is required to have axises of price and time in the same scale, that is to say, one price unit must match one time unit. When scale of axises do not match, vectors will be distorted.

PTV is not limited by one chart, and there are no limitations for size. Big PTV includes small PTVs. We have specific PTV of black cutting BC, which also can me measured with more details. We have got three cuttings AB, BC and AC and can on this base calculate CD as per the same formula.

In this case we exactly have got inequation between all PTV cuttings, BC is much smaller than AB and AC. When the angles between PTV and time axis decreases, time component goes up and price component gets shorter. That is to say, time component of BC is more than time component AB, whereas price component BC is smaller than price component AB, because price and time move to the counter-balance.

Radius Vector PTV (3)

On the ground of PTV on the previous image, having two cuttings AB and calculated CD, we build an ellipse, and will get cuttings DE and EF on orange ellipse and DE on green ellipse. When price reaches D point, DE cutting will be known.

Radius Vector PTV (4)

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