Jinn MT4 Expert Advisors

Jinn Trading Advisor

MT4 Expert Advisors
Jinn MT4 Expert Advisors
$ 500
• The minimum deposit on a cent account is $200 (lot 0.01)
• The minimum deposit on a cent account is $2,000 (lot 0.1
• The minimum deposit on a dollar account is $20,000


Jinn Trading advisor is a tool for automatic earnings in the forex market written in the mql4 programming language. It differs from others by the possibility of higher profits from transactions. For work, you should have 20,000$ on the dollar account, 2000$ when buying lots on 10 cents and 200$ when buying lots on 1 cent. It is recommended for professional traders.

How Jinn Advisor works

Trading advisor analyzes daily charts of forex pairs for the previous week or month, identifies possible patterns and sifts out negative scenarios. It decides to buy an asset in case of a possible breakdown of the level within a few hours or trading sessions. If the result is positive, it sells the asset, if the breakdown does not occur, the advisor sells the asset.

How to reduce the risks when trading

The algorithm has a value of profitability of up to 30% per day. It will look for the most volatile assets. Obviously, the larger the changes in quotes during the day, the higher the possibility of making a positive trade. To insure against risks, it is required to set loss limits. If losses reach, for example, $ 100 on the transaction, the asset is sold in order to avoid an even greater drawdown.

Advantages of Jinn Advisor

What conditions for getting the Expert Advisor?

These subscriptions can be extended, if you have more than a specified amount in the balance. Also, you can request a ticket for an extension on the website.

Securing to partner no. 760459 is obligatory.

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