Access denied. Your web browser does not support cookie.

While cookie is disabled in your browser, you may experience troubles or difficulties with display of the Personal area's data either with opening of trading account, because our web-site uses cookie files to authenticate and identify a user.

Below instructions describe how to enable cookie support in the most popular web-browsers. If you do not find your browser on this list, refer to the help information section (press F1) of your browser. There you can find details on how to fix this disturbance.

Internet Explorer (7.0), Internet Explorer (8.0)

  1. Run Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Press Tools and then click Internet options.
  3. Click the Privacy tab and then in “Settings” move scroll box up to disable all cookie either down to enable it and finally press ОК.

Internet Explorer (9.0)

  1. Click “Internet Explorer” shortcut in the taskbar of your desktop or simply touch it.
  2. Press Tools and select Internet options.
  3. Move to the Privacytab and then move scroll box down to enable cookie files in the Settings section, further to which confirm it with ОК.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. In the upper part of Firefox window click “Firefox” button and choose Toolsmenu. SelectPrivacy.
  2. Check Accept cookies from sites box.
  3. Click OKto close Toolswindow.

Apple Safari

  1. Open browser.
  2. Click gear icon in the upper right corner and choose Preferences menu.
  3. Select the Security tab.
  4. In front of Accept Cookies option choose Always.

Google Chrome

  1. Press menu shortcut in toolbar of browser.
  2. Choose Settings .
  3. Press the Show advanced settings. button.
  4. In the "Privacy" section select Content settings.
  5. Enable cookie by choosing Allow local data to be set (recommended).

If you did everything as described above but still have this page displayed, please contact support service by e-mail