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William Gann was born in 1878. Trying hand at stock exchange where he used his own funds, he released that a special expertise is required to trade. He researched the market and could calculate a precise time of reversals even for the year before.

Elliott untuk analisis korelasi Forex


The price refuses to continue its decline, indicating a temporary ceasefire between opposing forces. In this case, we can expect a sideways movement, which could be quite extensive. This sideways movement may represent wave 4 in the forming downward impulse. Then, we might see another downward mov

Unlike the euro, which prevented the dollar from updating its current minimum, the pound weakened, leading to the establishment of a new local extreme. This was expected and fits well into the wave scenario under consideration. It is possible that wave [c] in the zigzag is still unfolding. If this

The situation with the USD/JPY pair remains consistently positive for buyers. The dollar maintains full control and shows no signs of relinquishing its dominance. The upward movement is part of the final wave 5 of the v wave within an expanding ending diagonal triangle. This type of pattern favors

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