Forex earning by affiliate program?

It is a well-known fact that Forex is the world's largest financial market. Here is the proof: while you are reading these couple of sentences, thousands of people from all over the world open trades with the total amount of more than $ 2.7 billion. Is this a wow figure? Yes, it is, even more then. Moreover, many of these trades will bring hundreds percent of profit to their traders.
Good news, everyone! To make such Forex earning, you don't need huge initial funds. It doesn’t matter if you start either with $20 or $20 000. There is not a big deal to learn how to earn on Forex. It is a simple recipe: collect all your patience, knowledge and self-will, add the Internet and get ready to become a trader or even an introducing broker (IB) of FreshForex!

Start Forex earning on our IB program

Let us tell how it works. Traders pay a Forex broker a small commission for each trade they made on the Forex market. This commission is called spread. We give our partners up to 100% of a spread from their clients and the task for a FreshForex partner is just help us to get new clients.

The more clients an IB refers to us and the higher these clients’ trading activity is, the more a partner gets from trades of these attracted clients. That is it! You will not miss a client. All the clients are attached for you by a special referral code that you can get in the Partner Personal Area. Thus, putting this code to any link you post on your resource, you attach a client in your partner group.

All the promotional tools you need are already prepared by our professional marketing team — just take and use them.

Use the maximum from the Forex earning potential!
Terms of the affiliate program
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