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Andrey Duka is a scientist specializing on financial systems research at the confluence of mathematics and physics. Quantum analysis methods introduced by him are widely applied by traders.

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Quantum analysis explains price in the terms of physics. It applies methods and principles of wave mechanics.

To determine how strong trend is, the fan of quantum speed is applied. This fan illustrates the speed of price for a present moment.

The range where price can be located at any time – a so called alpha channel – is built with the help of a famous Heisenberg ratio. Two points are needed to build this channel: these points allow to determine boundaries of a future trend before it will be formed.

The line of equation shows an idealized trend trajectory. There is the highest line which can never be broken by prices. If price never gets beyond the lowest line, the trend is over.


Being forced by bulls, Euro/Us Dollar pair has successfully achieved an ascending target based on the upper line of the blue channel. At present, the pair is moving within the red alpha channel. If ascending trend is lucky enough, 1.22 is the global ascending target. A general slump of US dollar on

After a successful break of the red alpha channel line, Pound/Us Dollar pair continues to move within the blue alpha channel. Being forced by bulls, this currency pair is moving upwards actively. An ascending target is based on the upper line on the point 1.56 which the pair will approach soon. Bul

Us Dollar/Japanese Yen pair continues to move along the boundaries of the blue alpha channel. The currency pair has been located in horizontal flat with a downward inclination for a rather long time. The market is rather obscure here. It is likely that flat will continue for the nearest time and wi

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