How to choose a good PAMM trader

Let's consider characteristics of a good PAMM trader.
Good capital: a PAMM trader (Master) is supposed to invest and maintain a good enough capital.
Slight drawdown: PAMM account is supposed to keep a minor drawdown.
Consistent profit: a PAMM Master earns a consistent profit regularly. Prefer a trader with consistently positive profit rather than a Master who manages to reach a high profit once.
Minor risk rate: the higher risk you take, the higher yield you make. That is true but would you agree to entrust your investments to a trader with a really high risk?
Age of account: consider the number of performance days of a pamm account. This index indicates consistency of a trader's performance and we can analyze it better. We have more data to analyze.
Rate of return: this point is based on our requirement. When you want high rate of return, then risk also will be high. Choose low rate of return which is consistent with low risk and at same time with minor drawdown.
Tips for PAMM investors
Don’t invest what you cannot afford to lose - this is first thing we need to consider before making any investment or subscribing into Master's offer.
Chose a trustworthy broker - a good broker that withdraws your money faster than others. Choosing a broker with responsive customer support and good reputation will prevent you from dealing with scam brokers.
Diversify investments - it is better to diversify investments instead of focusing on one (kind) of asset.
Conclusion: we tried to collect the most helpful recommendations for choosing a suitable PAMM Master. Of course, following these tips won't guarantee you success but it is the right thing to start your investment from.
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The above is completely the opinion of the article writer. 

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