Morning pages

The next rule I developed on the tip from one outstanding trader: do not lest stress – by all means, make your mind was crystal-clear and razor-sharp. I did everything to attain that in my physical life - went to bed early every night, ate and drunk moderately, did physical training, put myself in front of quote tape nearby phone and saved calm in the office. I did not discuss my job with anybody and kept all my stock operations in secret.

(с) Jesse Livermore

I will start from an example. One lady landed a job in one firm, in some time this firm worked on the basis of her ideas much, and she began getting individual payroll not to confuse colleagues. Once she told me: “I do not understand why there are so many obvious ideas, which are ignored by all of them” She did a very simple practice that I adopted from her and that's why is precious to me. It really helps to clear your mind from silly notions and see CLEARLY what happens around us and what we can do with surrounding things, get prompts and answers.

Let's move to the practice itself. It is made in the morning after you wake up. I pour myself a cup of coffee and drinking coffee I am writing...

Morning pages

What are morning pages? That's three pages of text written by your hand. You just write down everything occurring your head.

Morning pages is the time for yourself, when you allow yourself being yourself, and if you are angry – your write it down and everything that you want to say to those who made you angry, or tell about your irritation:”But why does everything happen exactly this way?” There is no need to pretend on those pages, they cannot be right or wrong, it is what really happens in your life and in your mind.

Usually..., usually on Pages you splash out all emotions and troubles... for example “oh, I should not forget to make that - it is very handy – I could set myself to especially interesting thing!” In general, everything that bothers, irritates or vice-versa makes you happy – all that will find its place on Morning Pages...

An interesting effect is that... everything put on the Pages is comes from your head somewhere (!). In two weeks you will reach “nothing to write about” state... You go along the street and see what you see and there is no quarrel with Mr John in your head etc. Starting Terminal and chart, you see the chart exactly instead of necessity to pull that much pips off market, prove anything to anybody or that by three you need to visit a doctor...

Everything hindering you will stay on that Pages. And by the time you see no rubbish, when you have nothing to write about – the effect of getting answers has come.

I repeat that you need to keep your own records. You have to put your own representations on the paper. Never let anybody do that instead of you. You will be surprised how many ideas occur in the process; ideas that no one else could invent, because it is you revelation and you must keep it in secret.

(с) Jesse Livermore

Start asking your questions right on the Pages. Here you start writing down data related to question, try drawing. The principle is the same – you allow to spill over the paper everything occurred your head and active intelligent efforts are not required here... Just write...Answers will definitely come either as thought that will appear on Pages right now, or in the surrounding World you will suddenly see the answer.

When it comes to trading systems, sometimes I sit and just make drawings in style of Morning pages, outlining existing facts, ask questions, try to answer and draw possible solutions. Below I am giving a look of one of such drawing.

Write all your “WANT”, just declare! If you are embarrassed to declare your some “WANT”s, just write that you are embarrassed, but I really WANT thus and so. I am sure that you will get response in surrounding world and your dream will get closer to you by all means.



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