Yetti MT4 Expert Advisors

Yetti Trading Advisor

MT4 Expert Advisors
Yetti MT4 Expert Advisors
$ 500
• The minimum deposit on a cent account is $200 (lot 0.01)
• The minimum deposit on a cent account is $2,000 (lot 0.1
• The minimum deposit on a dollar account is $20,000


The intelligent trade adviser – Yetti – is adapted for installation and convenience of work on MT4 and MT5 terminals that are very popular among traders. Yetti is hosted on its own virtual VPS in close proximity to the servers of popular brokers. This provides the lowest value of the PING indicator (no more than 0.01). The response to placed or closed users’ orders actually becomes instant (just about milliseconds). And such an indicator is highly valued when the “pipsing” strategy and/or classic scalping are used.

What profit can I get when using Yetti trade adviser?

The restrictions on the minimum deposit for various lot sizes are provided. The minimum deposit amounts from 200 dollars for a 1 cent lot. For a 10 cent lot, the amount is from 2 thousand dollars. And to conduct transactions with 1$ lots, you need to have 20 thousand dollars in reserve.

What conditions for getting the Expert Advisor?

These subscriptions can be extended, if you have more than a specified amount in the balance. Also, you can request a ticket for an extension on the website.

Securing to partner no. 760459 is obligatory.

Advisor installation instructions

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